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Project "Dumy about ROCK"

The new acoustic program "Haydamaky “Dumy about rock" is an overload of the Ukrainian Cossack tradition. This is the positioning of the Cossack like a modern Ukrainian, brave and sincere, self-confident and successful.

"Cossack have not left in the past, he's in the heart and soul of every Ukrainian. Whoever turns away from the Cossack, he will turn into dust, who will accept him - eventually will find God. Free your thoughts for him. "

Except the traditional instruments for acoustic rock music such as guitar, drums, acoustic bass and inherent for the band trampet and trombone, listener opens for himself a magical personification, acoustic percussion instruments, a variety of  folk wooden wind instruments and, also an ancient Ukrainian bandura! There is also a visualization of the music, it is a modern video presentation on the basis of the Cossack icon and exhibition of paintings of contemporary Ukrainian artists.

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